Why are so many people being robbed of this right now? Is it because they don’t know how to handle with their own minds and brains? Is it because they like to do all things which are said they have to be done? Some people I won’t understand, because they are robbed of their own being and don’t know what exactly is being done to them 🤯

It’s my first blog article in English. I don’t know why I chose this language right now, but anyway, it’s my freedom to write it in any language I choose for it. If there are any mistakes in it, it’s clear, because it’s not my mother tongue.

One thing, which is in my mind all the time: why do so many people follow so called rights, which are no rights at all? Or are nonsense. If those people spend some time in a proper research, they probably will find out, that many things are nonsense, bullshit or whatever you will call them.

Probably because they are too lazy to do their own research, trust the wrong people or believe whatever they read in the newspaper. I’m not sure about it, but I think, that every adult should know, whether he or she has a degree or not, that every single statistic could be easily manipulated in every direction. That almost every story in the newspaper is a lie, whether they want to achieve panic in the society or not.

live your life in freedom

I don’t want to ignore the current situation or make any jokes out of it, but … But I have my own opinion and I would never let my freedom robbed because of it. Never! I recognized very quick, that this virus is nothing more than a normal flu, a flu, of which are a lot of them all over the world. A flu, which kills people who hasn’t a good immune system. A flu, which is subsidiary for healthy people. In my opinion, the only thing which is most dangerous in the current situation is the anxiety which are made to all people around the globe. Anxiety weaken every immune system, anxiety produced a negative energy field, anxiety makes you petrified. Anxiety will contribute to an immense negative energy field, because, if all people or a high number of people create this field, it will weaken everything.

The most stupid thing is, that children has to suffer from all those regulations. How should they develop a social feeling, if they should life a social distanced life? Where hugs and hand shakings are forbidden. Why should they wear masks? It is so important that children could read mimics. And … oh my good … why do parents take their children to testing stations, even they are healthy? It has nothing to do with „we have to do this“, or „it is a must, because we have to take care of ourselves and the others“ … NO … think about it, make your researches … if you won’t do it on your own, please let your children out of this current dilemma.

But now its enough with f***ing c* stuff … lets go to other things, where freedom is important. The best thing is, you ask yourself, what is freedom for you. How would you define it, how do you live freedom … are there any cases, where you are not able to live freedom? If you strive for freedom, you couldn’t demand from anybody not doing it because of you. Freedom means life, freedom means love and freedom means happiness. There are several situations, where you have these feeling especially. Some say: I feel freedom, when I drive in my car. Some say: I feel freedom, when I walk in the forest. Some say: I feel freedom, when I can travel wherever and whenever I want. It is individual, and so I think, that there is no general right answer what freedom is. But freedom has definitely nothing to do with restrictions, useless rules and „we have to, otherwise…“

I live my freedom every single day. For instance, when I ride my horse in the nature its pure freedom for me. When I am in my job, which is my passion every single day, its freedom, because I chose for me what makes me happy.

Freedom is the most important thing in MY life, and I won’t get lost of it, never 💪☯️